Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long did the trip take?
Chris left Vancouver on June 1, 2009 and reached St. John’s on July 16, 2009.

2. How far did he travel each day?
On average, he travelled 175kms per day. The farthest he went in one day was 271 kms. To see his daily distances, see the route page.

3. Where did he sleep?
Originally he intended to split his nights between hotels and campgrounds though plans changed on the second day of the trip when he sent all his camping gear back home. Ten pounds lighter, Chris slept in hotels/motels/B&Bs/hostels for the remainder of the trip.

4. Did he take any rest days?
Yes, 3: Calgary, Winnipeg and Sudbury. On these days he ran errands and tried to relax.

5. What did he eat?
Subway sandwiches, Tim Hortons muffins and if he was lucky, the occasional pizza for dinner.

6. Did anyone follow him in a van or support him along the way?
He was unsupported in the sense that no one followed him in a van but he received lots of support from his friends and family back home.

7. How long had Chris been cycling prior to the start of the trip?
He bought the bike he took across Canada in late December of 2008 and began training indoors on January 1, 2009. Six months later he began his trip in Vancouver.

8. Did he fundraise along the way?
No, though he was in several newspapers along the way.

9. Did he keep a journal or write a blog?
Yes, every night he wrote a blog that was immediately available to read on the website. He also had a GPS with him, which allowed his progress to be seen on the website as well.

10. What was the hardest part of the trip?
Many parts were tough, usually as a result of the weather. He faced 3 days of strong headwinds in the prairies as he headed into Winnipeg. These days tested his patience. Since this was the toughest part of the trip, Chris considers himself lucky.

11. What was the most memorable moment?
Meeting the many cyclists who were also making the Trans-Canada trek and sharing stories with them.

12. What province was his favourite?
Quebec, for the beautiful ride along the St. Lawrence and the hospitality.

13. Which province has the best/worst roads?
The Trans-Canada Highway in Newfoundland was the best, while Manitoba and Ontario had the worst roads (and most construction).

13. Would he ever do it again?
Absolutely, and he intends to…one day.